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Making connections across countries to find machinery to import can be difficult. There are numerous sellers with a wide selection of used tractors and farm equipment in Japan. REM Global is a one-stop shop to connect easily with buyers all over Japan.


Exporting knowledge is not necessary!
Japanese isn't required!

No special knowledge is required. REM Global will handle all the Japanese communication with local sellers and farmers, as well as trade operations on your behalf. You can purchase used agricultural machinery right away.


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REM Global will talk with the seller on your behalf regarding availability and transport.

REM Global will take care of the tedious paperwork. We will keep you informed of the details at each step.


REM Global will collect the payment for the items from you, so you don't have to worry about who you're transferring money to.

※Payments are made in Japanese yen.


REM Global will help make transportation and cargo booking arrangements if necessary.

Success stories

  • 【YANMAR】AF33(4WD) with Cabin

    This barely used tractor was stored in an agricultural equipment store's warehouse for a long time. It only had 5 hours of operation time. The owners were able to export it to a happy buyer overseas.

    Country of sale:Greece

    Sales price:1,300,000 yen
    EX.Works $12,371 (approx)

  • 【YANMAR】 AF26(4WD) with Loader

    This popular tractor with a loader was quickly bought and sent to a waiting buyer in Europe.

    Country of sale:Lithuania

    Sales price:650,000 yen
    EX.Works $6,185 (approx)

  • 【KUBOTA】L1-385(4WD)

    Kubota's L1 series is very popular in Southeast Asian and African countries. This particular model was ready to get to work when it arrived to it's new owner.

    Country of sale:Egypt

    Sales price:820,000 yen
    EX.Works $7,803 (approx)

We are happy to serve our global customers

We have experience with exporting agricultural machinery with over 100 successful transactions.

We are happy to help you take delivery of the agricultural machinery that will serve your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of becoming a REM Global member?

REM Global membership is perfect for regular importers and resellers of used Japanese tractors and farm equipment who make a business of buying, importing, and selling. Members receive reseller pricing that pay for membership through money saved on equipment purchases for resell.

How does buying through REM Global benefit me and my business?

Most domestic exporters purchase from individuals, agricultural machinery stores, or domestic purchasers and then sell those products overseas. Selling through REM GLOBAL reduces the intermediate cost thus increasing your resale profit potential.

What should I know about importing from overseas?

The prices listed on REM Global are at the ex works price which means the items are available at that price at the seller’s location. This means the listed price does not include transportation, shipping, or related costs. The buyer should keep those costs in mind when making their purchases.

Do you have any recommendations on best practices on how to reduce my costs?

We recommend that you fill a container with as many units as you can as it is the most cost-effective way to import multiple units by reducing your cargo shipping costs.

How are my items shipped to me?

Items are shipped via cargo ship in 20-foot or 40-foot containers. A 20-foot container holds about 6 to 8 units. A 40-foot container holds about 15 to 18 units. Filling a container with as many units as you can is the most cost-effective way to import multiple units.

Can you arrange transportation and pick up?

We can arrange transportation and pick up. Please consult with us after business negotiations are completed. You are also free to make your own arrangements.
I'm worried about paying overseas sellers.
REM GLOBAL will handle all transactions with the sellers. Since REM GLOBAL will also collect the payment, there is no risk of our members not receiving their units.
I'm worried about the exchange rate risk of buying from overseas.
All sales are processed in Japanese yen. Please contact us to see about other possibilities.


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